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Meat Snacks That Give Back


Mission Meats aren’t just the best portable protein snack you’ve ever tasted—it’s meat on a mission. Every meat snack produced my Mission Meats is free of sugars, dextrose fillers, nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics, MSG, gluten, and GMOs, so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body. And 10% of all Mission Meats profits are donated to organizations who serve the communities we share to promote social change in real, tangible, sustainable ways in the communities we share—so you can also feel good about what you’re putting into the world, too. Mission Meats are where clean products and good works come together—change can start with just one meat stick. Join the Mission!

“Meat” the best of our collection: Original Grass-Fed Beef Sticks, Blazin’ Pepper Grass-Fed Beef Sticks, Grass-Fed Beef Bars, and Free-Range Turkey Sticks.

Co-Founder Pete’s personal favorite! Keto and Paleo compliant, these peppery sticks are also a fantastic accompaniment to a Bloody Mary. The perfect ratio of spicy and savory, they’re addictively delicious—don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Get ready to lick the inside of the bag to get every last taste of this spicy, sweet treat. Paleo compliant, this is also a great addition to burgers—the perfect balance of ginger, honey, pepper, vinegar and sesame oil is an umami combination that’s bound to make your tongue sing for joy.

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More Than Just Meat—It’s Meat on a Mission

Launched in 2015, Mission Meat is a company whose meat is on a mission. Besides being dedicated to making a better quality meat snack you can feel good about enjoying, Mission Meats is committed to public service and giving back to the communities we live in. The mission is to provide good food to our customers and to promote positive relationships with ourselves, our neighbors, and the natural world we share. Because of this mission, we use only top-quality meats in our snacks. We use sustainably sourced grass-fed beef and pork and free-range turkey for our product lines, to provide a better quality meat stick. It’s also why we donate 10% of our profits to organizations we believe in, to encourage social good and foster community with our neighbors. Mission Meats aren’t just meats that taste great—they’re also products that help impact the world, one stick at a time.

Working Hard for Something We Love

There’s a saying in the business world— “Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something you love is called passion.” Mission Meats exists because co-founders Nick McCann & Peter Awad decided to work hard for something they love. The result is a product that they’re passionate about—and you can be, too! Peter and Nick decided from the outset that their goal as business partners was to deliver the cleanest protein snack possible, at the most competitive price point. From the beginning, they vowed that they’d only make products that they’d feed to their families without hesitation, while keeping the cost low enough to be affordable. After all, what’s the point of making a better meat stick if it’s so expensive that people can’t afford to eat it? To that end, they’ve kept Mission Meats small, direct, and within reach. Peter and Nick listen to customer feedback and deliver exactly the things that their customers want.

Here’s the Beef (And Pork. And Turkey.)

Ever buy a meat stick or bag of jerky and wonder what’s in it? That’s something you’ll never have to wonder while you’re enjoying a Mission Meat product. There’s a difference in taste when you use better, cleaner products, and because you can taste the difference, we only use 100% grass-fed and finished, pasture-raised animals to ensure that every Mission Meat snack is the best protein available.

What’s not in our products is almost as important as what is in them. What our products don’t have are the sugars, dextrose fillers, nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics, MSG, gluten, and GMOs that other meat snacks and jerkies use. We use citric acid that’s derived from tapioca starch to make sure that our products are free of GMOs, and we encapsulate with non-GMO palm oil. You may also notice that our meat sticks don’t have a uniform, processed look to them—there’s a reason for that, too. Instead of a colored, processed casing that’s used by many other meat sticks, we only use natural casings for ours, which gives them a more rustic look.

Every snack we make is handcrafted in small batches, to ensure that they’re all given the same care and attention, creating a protein snack of unparalleled flavor and quality. Meat sticks are naturally gluten-free, with most of our product line suitable for those following a Keto or Paleo lifestyle. However, we do encourage our consumers to check nutrition labels on products, as some products do contain small amounts of sugar or honey, which may not be suited for every Keto/Paleo dietary need.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

We know that when you went to the store to pick snacks, you may not have had community service on your mind—and that’s okay, because we did. What we’re hoping is that you’ll try our products once for the delicious taste, and that you’ll stay with us not just because we built a better meat snack, because we’re feeding your soul and not just your belly. You probably didn’t know how much of an impact you can make with one purchase—but we did. We want you to know that every Mission Meat snack you buy helps us become the change we want to see in the world. We donate 10% of our profits to organizations who serve the communities we share to promote social change. That bacon jerky you love? It’s helping to fight deforestation in Haiti with BonZeb. Those grass-fed beef bars you love to take camping? They’re transforming the lives of homeless mothers and their children through Perspectives Minnesota. The Jalapeno Beef sticks you got hooked on because they’re co-founder Peter’s personal favorite? They’re creating leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa with Educate! That’s right—no matter what Mission Meat product is your favorite—it’s on a mission, too. Every time you pick Mission Meats, a portion of your purchase helps to support over 100 independent Dream Centers across the country. Be part of the change. Join the mission. Change starts small—just you, and a meat stick, and a dream.

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