Every jar of Homeplate Peanut Butter contains delicious, natural and sustainable ingredients. No goopy oil layer, or gritty, chalky texture; just wholesome, great tasting and gluten-free.

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Peanut Butter - An American Favorite

A deep connection exists between America’s favorite pastime and America’s favorite peanut spread. In fact, peanut butter is as much a part of baseball as hot dogs, sunflower seeds and bubble gum. It’s a tasty tradition and one that stretches from dugout to dugout all across America.

HomePlate Peanut Butter was founded in 2015 by a group of former professional baseball players who grew up playing baseball every day and eating a ton of peanut butter. During those long days in the minor leagues, they counted on the delicious spread. A sandwich at daybreak and another one at day’s end. A dollop on saltine crackers before a workout. A tasty spoonful for a boost between innings. They grew to love peanut butter as an inexpensive and accessible way to stay fueled and fit, but they didn’t love the limited options available at the supermarket.

The Search for a Better Peanut Butter

The peanut butter they had to choose from was limited to big sugary brands and oily, chemical-laden concoctions. They didn’t want to have to stir their peanut butter; they just wanted an option that was delicious, and that fit their training regimens. After they retired from the game and began grocery shopping for their own little leaguers, they became convinced that families, athletes and America deserved a better peanut butter.

Made by Athletes, for Athletes

HomePlate Peanut Butter’s mission is to create peanut butter that meets the rigid standards set by the professional baseball players who make up the company’s founding team. Every flavor is made from natural and sustainable ingredients -- no goopy oil layer or gritty, chalky texture; just wholesome, great tasting peanut butter.

HomePlate’s reviews from athletes and moms have been overwhelming. People can see and taste the difference. In fact, HomePlate Peanut Butter was selected as the official peanut butter of the Professional Baseball Clubhouse Manager’s Association. Jars of HomePlate can now be found in the clubhouses of all 30 Major League Baseball teams.

One serving of HomePlate Peanut Butter at a time, the tradition between baseball and peanut butter lives on. HomePlate is proud to provide great tasting peanut butter for the next generation of athletes and families.

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