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This Cold Brew is a
Hot Success

  Grady's Cold Brew is a New Orleans–style coffee concentrate that’s brewed with a special blend of coffee, chicory and spices. Grady’s is available as: Bean Bags (brew it yourself; regular and decaf)
Ready to Drink
Concentrate (regular, French Vanilla and Hazelnut Mocha)

Seller story: GRADY’S COLD BREW

President & Co-Founder Grady Laird loved cold brew coffee but was perplexed at the high price he had to pay to get it from his local coffee shop. It wasn’t until after the magazine he worked for published an article about how to make cold-brew coffee at home that he decided to try it himself. The process was simple but a bit lengthy and involved. The inconvenience was more than offset by his ability to control and refine the taste to his own liking, plus he cut the effort it took to produce by brewing the coffee overnight in his home kitchen.

He shared the fruits of his labor with co-workers who immediately began placing orders for his brew. As word spread, he began supplying other businesses located in the building where he worked. It wasn’t long before he found himself lugging orders on the subway and quickly made the realization that cold brewing was his calling.

A Firm Commitment to Flavor & Quality

As Grady grew the business, he began working with the oldest purveyor of coffee in New York City, Porto Rico Importing Co. The company supplied some of the finest specialty coffee available, all traceable back to the farm through the Direct Trade sourcing standard. This allows for Grady’s coffee to be produced to its highest potential, bought responsibly, and roasted carefully.

When Grady and his associates moved the business into a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse, the pressure was on to cut corners and reduce costs associated with the labor intensive production process. But Grady stood firm. If proposed changes were going to adversely affect the flavor or quality of the end-product, they were unequivocally rejected. The quality and brewing processes that were refined in his home kitchen would be maintained, no matter what.

How is Grady’s different?

Not only is Grady’s Cold Brew a great tasting product at a reasonable price, it’s also the only brand of cold brew coffee available in a decaffeinated blend. The products available from Grady’s include the Cold Brew Bottle for people who simply want to pour and enjoy, a bottled concentrate (available in 3 flavors) and the “brew it yourself” “Bean Bag for those who want to make it themselves.

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