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These Good Citizens make a Great Mac & Cheese!

Good Citizens Macaroni & Cheese and Shells & Cheese packaged dinners are made with the highest quality organic ingredients. In each box of Good Citizens Mac & Cheese, you’ll find: Artisan Pasta crafted in small batches and shaped with vintage bronze die cuts
Pasta made with organic wheat flour grown and ground at a family mill in California
Cheese made from the milk of local pasture fed cows

Seller story: GOOD CITIZENS

Macaroni & Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. It’s been around in its current form since 1937, introduced at the end of the Great Depression and sold as “the housewife’s best friend” and “a nourishing one pot meal.” There’s no denying, it was a fast, filling and inexpensive way to feed a family. And given its staying power, it’s clear the cheesy treat still appeals to both young and old.

Few improvements have been made on the original recipe; a few new brands have come and gone, but only a small handful have survived. This tasty food with it’s ultimate origins in Italian cuisine represents a great opportunity for improvement. At least, that’s what the founder of Good Citizens determined while he was enrolled in culinary school in San Francisco.

Recognizing the currently popular brands of Mac and Cheese are largely Baby Boomer brands, Good Citizens saw opportunity to disrupt the industry and focus their appeal on millennials. If the trajectory of their business is any indication, their hunch was spot-on.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Good Citizens is an employee-owned packaged goods manufacturer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company, founded by an Oakland native, is not only disrupting the Mac & Cheese industry, they’re also making waves (in a good way) with their innovative and responsible business practices. As clearly stated on their public website, Good Citizens is committed to 5 primary business principles:

• Good Citizens is committed to great quality. Not only in terms of the goods they produce, but in each and every ingredient that goes into making them. Great quality ingredients promise that the end product will be healthy, nutritious and delicious.

• Good Citizens is committed to transparency. That’s a dedication to being open and honest about their business practices, sharing where their ingredients come from, how their food is made, and being an honest partner in business.

• Good Citizens is committed to giving back. Good Citizens is focused on making a positive impact in the communities where they do business. They go beyond traditional “give back” programs by integrating community advocacy into their marketing and sales. Service to others and nourishing the most vulnerable is what makes them Good Citizens.

• Good Citizens is committed to employee ownership. The Good Citizens company is built to cultivate a sense of healthy empowerment and respect among its employees. Part of their team is recruited from underrepresented communities, trained, and mentored to be effective workers and community role models. Concerned with income inequality in America today, Good Citizens supports an employee stock option program to share in the profits they earn together. Good Citizens is committed to adhering to and actively living their values on a daily basis. It’s not just a line of marketing text to make themselves look good. It’s a way of doing business that makes them, and everyone they’re connected to, feel good!

Wheat field with overlaid text of ingredients

An Altruistic Approach to Doing Business

At a time when stockholder returns seem to be the primary motivation for many companies, and in a part of the country teeming with start-ups and IPOs, it’s a breath of fresh air to learn about a local organization that thinks beyond the bottom line; that’s truly interested in and committed to their customers, their business partners, their employees and the community in which they work. Their name may be “Good Citizens” but it’s more than clear, they’re pretty fantastic!

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