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Taking Control of an
On-the-Go Lifestyle

B.O.S.S. Food Company produces raw, superfood bars that are certified gluten free and paleo.

Each bar has:
simply 8 ingredients the power of raw superfoods no preservatives, no soy, wheat or dairy.

Flavors include:
revitalize as you blaze a trail of awesomeness

invigorate so you can reactivate

bring out your inner and outer greatness

balanced to help you function and focus

ditch those lows and grab some highs

Seller story: B.O.S.S.

In 2013, Andrea Spirov found herself in a personal wellness rut. Like so many people, she’d been living a life where taking care of herself wasn’t a priority. She embarked on a quest to fix her health and in less than 18 months, underwent a complete transformation. She didn’t do this with a magic pill or fad diet. Rather, she relied on exploration, research, and good old determination. Most of her changes were made with the basics in mind: she changed her diet, her lifestyle, and her circumstances.

Andrea’s body was strong and she felt better than she ever had. But it wasn’t without strife: her on-the-go lifestyle was never conducive to healthy eating – there’s a reason that fast food is popular for people living life in the fast lane. Despite shelves full of “choices,” most of the convenience foods contained unrecognizable ingredients and additives. Even when they filled her up, they also filled her with things she didn’t want.

As an entrepreneur, Andrea’s mind went straight to solving this problem. She began researching superfood ingredients and experimenting in her kitchen. Her recipes were born from this research: each unique flavor combination arose not only from what tasted great together, but also from which ingredients had similar beneficial nutritive properties (mood, brain, health, etc.)

Blended. Original. Superfood. Snacks.

In 2015, The B.O.S.S. Food Company was born. They began in a tiny, shared commercial kitchen in the historic Heights neighborhood of Houston, TX. With bowls and measuring cups in-hand, Andrea and her team created five different types of bars. In Houston, people know food and they have a passion for bringing ideas to life and for helping others persist in the face of adversity. Drawing on the energy of the city, B.O.S.S. expanded to farmers’ markets and local retailers. As they’d hoped, their superfood bars fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles, as easily as iPhones and Uber. The bars filled up their customers and fueled their days. And they tasted good! The secret was simple. Literally, that was the answer, “simple.” Simple (yet powerful) ingredients for extraordinary taste. Today B.O.S.S. is excited to be making their bars from their own facility in Northwest Houston, as a trusted alternative to other bars and snacks. If you need to MOVE, THINK, SMILE, RESTORE, and/or DAZZLE, B.O.S.S. is here to help you soar.

B.O.S.S. Super Bars and source ingredients

A Commitment to Core Values

B.O.S.S. Food Company is committed to making outstanding food that adheres to their core values as well as their customers’. When you eat B.O.S.S. Bars., you can expect the same thing each time:

Uniqueness – their bar formulations are the best and only the best. They use potent SUPERFOOD ingredients not found anywhere else.

Simplicity – They believe in using nothing unnecessary. Each precious SUPERFOOD works hard so that a little goes a long way. Their ingredients contain no additives.

Transparency – What you see is what you get. Whether they’re sourcing pure, unadulterated ingredients or developing a clean process to craft their bars, you’ll find integrity and quality every step of the way. They’re certified gluten-free to the strictest standard and certified Paleo. They avoid the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” fruits by sourcing organic ingredients for those on the list.

Thoughtfulness – They’re caring and considerate of the people and environments at every stage of the supply chain. They source Fair Trade ingredients where they’re available. They support causes that further their mission.

Determination – They strive to create food that is developed with a benefit in mind. They design bars for your day so you can be the very best version of yourself. Their benchmarks are set based on their customers and they seek to exceed expectations at every level of experience. They also seek to be the best version of themselves and they work as hard as you do.

Clean eating, food transparency, and delicious taste are cornerstones of the B.O.S.S. Food Company’s philosophy on eating and snacking. Rest assured that when you reach for a B.O.S.S. Bar, you are making a satisfying choice. Reach for B.O.S.S., and then reach for the sky.

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