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The Future is Crispy


Pork rinds—elevated to heavenly status! Bacon’s Heir challenges you to re-imagine how you think about the pork rind by introducing you to its “heavenly” cousin, the pork cloud. Clean, simple ingredients plus hand-crafted small batch cooking equal a taste like none other. Perfectly portioned for keto, low-carb, and other dietary plans, Bacon’s Heir products (including the one-of-a-kind Pork Panko, a no-carb, keto-compliant way to get your crunchy fix!) are made with ingredients you can trust and flavors that are “out of this world”.

Not all peppers are created equal! Sourced from peppercorns on the Malabar coast of India’s Kerala province, this zippy, zingy pepper that makes this Pork Cloud the one most reminiscent of bacon, fresh from the skillet.

For low-carb and keto aficionados who miss the “crunch” of breaded foods, this panko is nothing short of miraculous! Substitute directly for panko in a 1:1 ratio in any recipe you want—whip up some insanely delicious chicken parm or breaded zucchini, and you’ll never miss those carbs!

We know what you’re thinking, Whoever heard of a sweet pork rind? Playing on the same flavor twist that makes chicken & waffles such a delicious combination, we invite you to see how delicious sweet and savory can be when combined in a Pork Cloud. Part churro, part meat pastry—all delicious!

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Bacon’s Heir—A Passion for Pork Rinds

Like many of us—maybe even you—Bacon’s Heir founder Brett Goodson initially misunderstood the pork rind. After all, common sense tells you that there’s no way that fried pork skin can possibly be good for you, right? Wrong. Enter a chance road trip visit to a gas station (the ubiquitous place most of us imagine when we think of pork rinds), and Brett’s discovery that pork rinds are delicious. A quick scan of the nutritional info on the back of the bag was an eye-opener—they were nowhere near as unhealthy as he’d come to believe.

The Future Is Crispy

Fast-forward to a few months later. A group of friends gathered for a dinner party, and Brett wanted to think outside of the box for a shareable snack to bring as a treat. Something new and different—something healthy, yet mouthwatering and irresistible—a snack plate that everyone would return to, throughout the night. He took the basic methodology for making traditional pork rinds—or chicharróns—and gave the ingredient list a makeover. By replacing most unhealthy component—vegetable oil, full of hydrogenated oils and trans fats—with olive oil, clean and rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, Brett had stumbled onto the secret to making a better pork rind. And because olive oil has a relatively low smoke point, he discovered another surprise: olive oil’s lower smoke point creates a lighter, fluffier chicharrón. The switch to better ingredients elevated the humble pork rind into something more angelic, something that deserved a name of its own—hence, the Bacon’s Heir Pork Cloud.

Pork Rinds, Re-Imagined

You’ll be able to recognize (and pronounce) every ingredient on the list of our Pork Clouds, which are naturally gluten-free. And because we keep the ingredients simple, our processing facility is certified nut-free. We’ve also gone a step further to challenge your preconceived notions of what a pork rind is or isn’t. In addition to savory flavors you’d expect paired with pork—like Garlic Thyme, Malabar Black Pepper, or Rosemary Sea Salt—we’ve included unique “hot & sweet” twists like Habanero Pepper and Cinnamon Ceylon to tantalize your taste buds. And every individual package of Pork Clouds clocks in at just 100 calories—well under the calorie count of a comparable bag of potato chips. Additionally, Pork Clouds pack 12g of protein and 0g of carbs or sugars per serving, so they’re a great snack choice for low-carb or keto diets. We’ve even taken it a step further for the low-carb crowd: we make Pork Panko that’s a 2-ingredient hack to substitute in your favorite recipes calling for bread crumbs, so you can put away the food processor and get ready to “shake & bake” without the carbs. The next time you gather for a social event, bring Bacon’s Heir with you—after all, the pork cloud that was born at a dinner party is most at home when sharing a meal with friends and family.

Pork Rinds, Re-Imagined

Bacon’s Heir takes pride in the simplicity of our products. The company ethos is that good food doesn’t have to be complicated if you start with ingredients of the highest quality and you don’t rush the process. Every portion of Pork Clouds and Pork Panko we produce starts with the building blocks of good taste: sustainably sourced pork skin, olive oil, and rock salt. We kettle-cook our pork clouds in batches so that every cloud receives the same care and attention as those first pork clouds Brett cooked at a dinner party for his friends. And that’s where we hope they’ll end up—shared with friends and family, at dinner parties and tailgates, because we know that sharing food is one of the simplest, most pure ways to build a community.

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