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Summertime Pantry Essentials

Summertime Pantry Essentials

Good weather always calls for a celebration! Whether it's a holiday BBQ or a weekend gathering, warmer weather is always an excuse to indulge in light-hearted fun. Attending a summer event is one thing, but being in charge of hosting is another. Let's face it, we all strive to be the host who throws the party our guests never want to leave. This requires having the right drinks, food and possibly a keg for that one friend. (wink) So with that said, making sure your pantry is stocked is important if you’re not looking to be dethroned as party planner of the season. In this guide, we put together a list of must-have Summer soirée essentials that you can shop directly from the Marketplace.

Seafood Appetizers

If you’re planning a summer party, you’ll definitely need the best appetizers that are fun, easy to serve and of course delicious. Who doesn’t love seafood? New to the Marketplace, we now offer an assortment of quality, meaty fish delivered directly to your door. Perfect summertime party bites are grilled shrimp skewers, seared scallops with black bean sauce or a delicious seafood salad.

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Nut Varieties

Peanuts, salted almonds, cashews and other assortments of nuts are all great staples to store in the pantry for last minute party snacks. Nuts are great paired with olives and or cheese. Not only are nut variety dishes an easy snack to prepare for entertaining, but they’re also packed with protein and fiber, making them a good healthy snack to serve. Nuts are great paired with beer or wine. A great tip, storing nuts in the fridge help to ensure longer shelf life.

Dried Fruit

When preparing things like meat and cheese platters, dried fruit is always another great added element. Dried fruit also pairs exceptionally well with nut mixes. Dried fruits like apricots, dried cranberries, dates and figs are perfect for last-minute entertaining. It’s best to shop for dried fruits that contain no added ingredients, like sweeteners or sulfites – without the added ingredients, the shelf life of your dried fruit lasts longer. Also, for maximum shelf life, be sure to store your dried fruits in glass jars/containers.

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Whether it’s a last-minute summer party or you’ve invited the gang over to binge watch your favorite Netflix series, you always need a few bottles of your favorite wine stashed away. Traditionally, white wine and rosés are said to be the best choices for summertime. Wine options during the summer months are best with these qualities:

  • High acidity.
  • Light to medium body.
  • Dry taste.

Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and White Blends are your best summer options for white wine. When shopping for the perfect rosé, the most important things to consider are:

  • The age of the bottle.
  • Fruity doesn’t necessarily mean sweet.
  • The color of your rosé matters.

While it’s known that other wines are best with age, rosé should be consumed no more than a year after production. Your rosé shouldn’t age any more than a year, as the wine ages its best characteristics begin to deteriorate — such as the acidity and the crispness. Hues matter when shopping for your perfect rosé. Pay close attention, a pink wine’s hue will give clues to its flavor. A higher-tone pink will be denser and fruitier; the clearest pinks will be ultra-light and ultra-crisp.

Rosé is safe to be stored in your refrigerator, or any other cool and dark location. It is recommended to drink and serve rosé when its temperature reaches 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Not sure what foods are best paired with your favorite wines? We have you covered. Click Here to Read Our Top Suggestions for Wine and Food Pairings. Regardless of your favorite choice of wine, the Marketplace has wine and champagne for every occasion.

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