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Self-Care Tips for Those Who Struggle During Holiday Season

Self-Care Tips for Those Who Struggle During Holiday Season

The holiday season for most of us is the happiest time of the year. We’re officially defrosting turkeys, RSVPing for annual holiday events, and curating Christmas playlist. But on the flip side, it can also be a very challenging time for some. For an array of reasons, many of us find ourselves alone during the holidays. The heavy emphasis on holiday cheer, love, and family can bring on extreme feelings of loneliness. While these aren't always the easiest emotions to navigate through, there are ways that you can work to overcome them when you feel they're getting the best of you. We put together a list of ways to practice self-care if the holiday season is a difficult time for you.

Treat Yourself

Whatever you do all year long to take care of you, don’t stop during moments that may be difficult for you. A lot of times, it’s easier to wallow in sadness. But, your alone time during the holidays doesn’t have to be sad. You can increase your happiness levels by regularly carving out time to do things that bring you joy — frequently engaging in self-care activities like spa days, exercising, planning a solo dinner, vacation, or treating yourself to beautiful gifts. The more we dedicate time to ourselves, the easier it is not feeling sad or depressed about being alone.

Don’t Force It

Most of us get overwhelmed with the Holiday Season because one day, it’s Easter Sunday, and the next day we are putting up Christmas decorations. Yes, time flies quickly. I’ve found the key to handling the holiday season is not to force it. It’s perfectly fine to not over-indulge like the rest of the world. Shop when you feel like it. Don’t force yourself to decorate your home if you’re not feeling it. And most importantly, if you’re unable to be with family or your family dynamic isn’t the healthiest, it may be good to spend the holidays with others who make you feel happy. The biggest takeaway here is, if it makes you feel like the holiday season as a terrible time of the year, do less of it or don't do it at all.

Donate Your Time to Giving Back

When you’re feeling alone, trust there are always families and individuals who experience the same feelings all over the world. Instead of spending time alone or with people who don’t bring out the best in you, seek out volunteering for a few hours on major holidays. This way, you’ll feel good that you’re devoting your time to those who are underserved and less fortunate. The easiest way to be happy is to see others happy when they receive when they’re in need. What are some of the best ways to give back during this season?

Buy gifts for underprivileged children. Volunteer at a local kitchen to pass out food or just be of service to those in need at shelters. Donate to a family you know is in need. You can also buy things in bulks such as food, sanitary supplies, etc. to drive around your local neighborhoods and make donations to those who are homeless and not in shelters. With the current devastation of the housing crisis around the world, many families can use a helping hand.

Remember You’re Not Entitled to Stick to Tradition

You don’t have to stick with traditional holiday practices. If it puts you at ease to celebrate alone, or not celebrate at all, do just that. If you believe that spending obscene amounts of money take away from the true meaning of the holidays, then don’t do it. It’s also okay to come up with new traditions of your own. It’s a good idea to travel to a new destination during the holidays, try new, non-traditional meals or go to local events hosted in your area. Do whatever makes you feel at ease and bring your heart peace during this time of the year. You’re not entitled to stick to traditions!

Happy Holidays!