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Reasons to Believe In Organic For Babies

Reasons to Believe In Organic For Babies

An increasing number of new mothers are making it their mission to become more informed on the potential harm traditional baby brands can cause to their little ones. It’s also been important for parents to learn ways their children; primarily infants can benefit from more natural options. There are a lot of diapers and other healthcare items on the market that isn’t safe for babies. 2 out of 3 moms say their children suffer from a skin condition. While 56% of moms say, their children suffered from diaper rash in the past 12 months. It seems pretty farfetched to think the brand’s families have grown to know, and trust, make products that legally contain carcinogens and chemicals that can lead to long-term health defects. As scary as it sounds, it’s a lot more common than we’d like to believe.

Let’s consider the differences in organic cotton and conventional cotton and how they’re produced. The most common way organic cotton and traditional cotton differ is the production process. When making items like diapers, a ton of harmful toxic chemicals and synthetic materials are used in conventional cotton manufacturing. These toxic chemicals remain in the cotton once the production is finalized. Children who wear these traditional diaper brands are likely being exposed to harmful chemicals at a higher rate than those who do not.

Studies show, 75% of parents take the time to research diaper brands before their baby is born. Two thousand nine hundred seventy-five diapers are used per household during an infant’s first year of life, averaging roughly eight changes a day. 80% of parents purchase diapers at least once a month. This same study showed that 73% of parents have relied on more than one brand of diapers within a six-month timeframe. The top reasons for switching diaper brands is pricing, diapers not lasting through the night, and babies experiencing rash or discomfort when wearing the diapers.

The skin of an infant or small child is significantly more delicate and sensitive than the average adult. A newborn baby’s skin is roughly 40-60% thinner than adult skin. Infant's skin is also known to be more absorbent than adults, meaning, it is considerably more likely for infants to absorb toxins. The absorption of toxins become irritants to the skin, causing harmful effects like skin rashes, chemical burn, eczema asthma, hormone disruption, and even cancer. Quality; environmentally friendly products that are created with chemical-free materials for your baby to wear are just important as the things your baby consumes. With a growing demand for organic goods, it is now easier to find brands that are committed to creating comfortable, absorbent, and eco-friendly baby products that are safe, effective, and gentle.

Brands like Abena’s Bambo Nature have been successfully providing quality products to families all over the world for years. Founded in 1953 by the Terp-Nielsen family, Abena is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of healthcare products. With the second generation at the helm, Abena’s Bambo (Bam-Boa) Nature has been the top-selling eco-friendly baby diaper for over 30 years. In 2013, Abena expanded its global footprint by establishing its North American subsidiary, with headquarters in Culver City, CA. Abena North America has warehouses in Virginia Beach, VA, and Las Vegas, NV that provide quick and easy distribution across the county.

Bambo Nature Baby Care global headquarters is located in Aabenraa, Denmark. Bambo Nature’s products are all manufactured on their own machines with industry-leading sustainability, and diaper machines run by wind power when possible. Bambo Nature not only offers an assortment of comfortable, absorbent diapers and training pants, but they have a variety of skincare products as well. All of the brand’s products are produced with sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing processes. No harmful chemicals, perfumes, or parabens are added to Bambo Nature products, minimizing the risk of allergies and rashes to keep your baby’s skin healthy.

Bambo Nature has multiple certified credentials, awards, and eco-labels to prove their safety and sustainability. More than 80% of Abena’s baby diapers and incontinence products are certified according to the ECO-labeling scheme. Offering more than 2500 ECO-certified products, Abena was the first manufacturer with incontinence products to be verified with the Nordic Ecolabel. Harmful chemicals are never used in the products of Bambo Nature’s diapers. The unique, fully breathable back sheet keeps your baby’s skin dry, while flexible latex-free leg cuffs and waistband enhance mobility. Speaking of quality performance, Bambo Nature diapers have a super absorbent three-layer design that makes them ideal for overnight protection. A new wetness indicator strip eases your worries and helps you know when changes are needed. If you’re a parent in search of the perfect diaper made with gentlest and softest materials nature can deliver, Bambo Nature is the brand for your bundle of joy. You can now shop Bambo Nature exclusively on the Albertson’s Marketplace.

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