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In Conversation w/ Terry Thomsen, Founder of Feel Good Dough

In Conversation w/ Terry Thomsen, Founder of Feel Good Dough

There was a time when the word “organic” didn’t mean much of anything to any of us. Time has passed, and there isn’t anywhere you can’t go or anything you can’t read without seeing the word organic. Most people who opt for specialty foods such as organic or gluten-free require alternatives due to dietary or lifestyle changes. At the Marketplace, we curate hand-selected products that you won’t typically find on your grocer’s shelves and then present them to you in a way that matches how you shop. We’re passionate about partnering with the best brands to bring you quality, earth-friendly products. Brands like Feel Good Dough are just one of the many unique brands that are available on the Marketplace.

Feel Good Dough’s Founder; Terry Thomsen wanted to provide a healthy line of products that helped the world eat right and feel good all at once. Feel Good Dough is committed to providing healthy, vegan-friendly, non-GMO dough alternatives. As the first brand to use 100 percent organic yeast, Feel Good Dough products are USDA organic-certified, all-purpose dough available in an assortment of flavors like Italian Herb and Chocolate. We had a chance to chat with Terry about how Feel Good Dough got started, the brand’s impact, and all that is in store for the future. We hope that you enjoy this incredible interview and learn more about the brands we love and trust Marketplace.

MP: Tell us who you are and about your company!

TT: I’m Terry Thomsen and I’m the owner of Feel Good Dough. I started Feel Good Dough in 2016 after I made pizza with my granddaughters. We could not find quality dough for our pizza in the grocery store and I wanted to make something healthy available to them and other families who are looking for the same kind of thing. Having ingredients that can be recognized as food and staying away from chemicals was very important. The result is our 100% clean, organic dough that families love to eat- especially knowing that they’re feeding their body good ingredients.

MP: What is the process behind the launch of your company?

TT: Researching quality ingredients and making the recipe for the perfect dough took a couple of years. I had friends and family use it and they were very enthusiastic about having this organic dough that was easy to work with. I knew it would be a hit.

MP: What was the catalyst or calling that made you feel you were ready to launch your own company?

TT: I was compelled to provide for my grandchildren. It was important to me to teach them about healthy eating and how to find good, quality food for themselves in the grocery store. Dough was one of the products that were still full of preservatives and chemicals and I wanted something better for them- especially because of how much pizza kids eat!

MP: What made you passionate to pursue starting a business in this category field?

TT: Wheat is a very important part of our daily diet. I’m driven to shake up the wheat industry and give people what they want in their dough! People just want good food that is good for them. That’s what Feel Good Dough is all about.

MP: What is the mission behind your company?

TT: Our mission is to help families and individuals have healthy pizza dough on-hand in their household. We want to bring people together and have fun making food with each other with the added convenience of just adding oil and water to our mixes.

MP: What do you feel makes your brand different from what is others in the same market?  

TT: Nobody else has 100% clean dough. Some companies are organic but they don’t have every ingredient organic. We wanted to make sure that if we were going to provide quality, organic dough that we would spare no expense to truly make it the cleanest product you can buy.

MP: What was your biggest fear when you made the decision to leap and transition into a full-time business owner?

TT: I knew Feel Good Dough was something that I had to do and that it was going to be important to the industry. I think my biggest fear was whether I could keep up with expansion as people discover Feel Good Dough and the demand escalates.

MP: In what ways do you feel your company reflects who you are as an individual?

TT: Feel Good Dough is fun! It’s interactive, it’s healthy, it’s lively and it helps people feel good about their food. I enjoy helping to put the smiles on people’s faces and I think our logo conveys that perfectly with its little smiley face wink.

MP: How does your product and overall brand impact people?

TT: People are so excited to discover Feel Good Dough and to see how much of a flavor difference having quality ingredients can make in their food. It’s not a new product but a new way to get the best out of a familiar food that people love to eat often: Pizza.

MP: What has been the hardest part in launching the business and do you feel like you’ve had any major pushback/setbacks from the community and/or customers?

TT: The hardest part about being the leader in 100% clean dough is helping people to understand what it means to be 100% clean versus just organic. 100% clean is ensuring that every ingredient is organic rather than just most of them. Reading and understanding labels isn’t necessarily a habit for everyone.

MP: What do you attribute to the current success of the business?

TT: Feel Good Dough is successful because I have a belief in what I am doing, and I believe that Feel Good Dough is what people need and want. That belief gives me a constant drive to keep moving forward and to make the Feel Good Dough mission a reality.

MP: What’s your best-selling product?

TT: Feel Good Dough’s best-seller is our Classic Original dough. It’s the most versatile for the most types of recipes and preferred tastes. Next is our Oil-Free Whole Grain because it’s applicable to oil-free vegan diets.

MP: Do you have any personal favorites when it comes to the product you’re selling?

TT: I think our chocolate dough is going to take off soon. It’s our newest product and it has a great light chocolate flavor for people who love chocolate but don’t love piling on the sugars to get it. It’s great for desserts and perfect with fruits. Kids love it, too, and it adds a different twist on dough.

MP: What advice do you have for anyone that's looking to launch their own business?

TT: Follow your dream! Test your product locally first.

MP: What’s NEXT for the brand? Are there any plans to expand the existing product-line or any new creative ventures/projects in the works?

TT: We are going to expand on our existing Chocolate Dough line. It is very innovative and exciting.