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Guy Gone Keto

Guy Gone Keto

Guy Gone Keto—Condiments for Everyone Gone Keto!

Do you know what’s in your ketchup? We do. Cup for cup, most commercial ketchups contain more sugar than vanilla ice cream—around 21 grams of sugar more! In fact, for most people, the average serving size of ketchup contains the sugar of one Krispy Kreme donut, half a Snicker’s bar, or 8 sugar packets. And it’s not just ketchup that’s full of “hidden sugars”, high fructose corn syrup, and sodium. Most American condiment favorites, like BBQ sauce and even steak sauce—contain comparable amounts of sugar. It’s condiments that many diabetics, keto dieters, or folks who follow other low-carb lifestyles find to be the greatest obstacle to balancing a better way of eating with food cravings for comfort flavors. Which is where Guy Gone Keto condiments steps in: sauces that give you the taste you’re craving without the sugar spike. And since all Guy Gone Keto products are made with MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides), they’re full of extra energy and brain-boosting benefits. Can your ketchup say that?

Who Is the Guy Gone Keto?

Of course, there’s a Guy in Guy Gone Keto—founder Thom King, who is also the founder/CEO of Steviva brands, makers of Guy Gone Keto’s proprietary KetoseSweet+ sweetener. At a Las Vegas trade show in 2015, King had a night of overindulgence—rich food, sugary desserts, alcohol—all the decadence one associates with Las Vegas. Sugar is one of America’s greatest addictions, and as the saying goes, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can dig your way out. Shortly after his night in Vegas, King decided to clean up his diet by going keto. And over the course of the next year, he shed five waist sizes on his ketogenic journey—and developed the sauces that would launch the Guy Gone Keto product line. Thom realized that clean eating doesn’t mean a life without condiments—it just means getting creative. Through consistent tweaking of his recipes and hundreds of taste tests, Guy Gone Keto condiments deliver big flavor—without sugar hiding in the background to sabotage your hard work.

Add Flavor, Not Sugar

Gone keto? No problem. We’ve got what you need to stay a “sauce boss”. Who needs sugar when you’ve got all this flavor?

Ketchup—Bold enough for any burger.

BBQ Sauce—Sweet, sticky, smoky perfection, Kansas City style.

Steak Sauce—Complex and tangy, the perfect intersection between the depth of A1 and the piquant spike of 57 sauce.

MCT Oil—Boost anything from coffee to entrees with this flavorless source of clean-burning energy.

Teriyaki Sauce—Caramelizes like traditional teriyaki, without all the sugars. One taste will convince you!

Thai Chili Sauce—The perfect blend of sweet, sour, and heat—the secret is in the science of KetoseSweet+.

Kick Sugar to the Curb!

You don’t have to be a guy or even keto to enjoy Guy Gone Keto ketogenic condiments. Created with the ketogenic, Paleo, or low-carb lifestyle in mind, these aren’t just specialty condiments, they’re a way of turning condiments into an added source of health—not a hiding place for sugar! The Guy Gone Keto product line is made with KetoseSweet+, an innovative, naturally-occurring low-calorie sweetener that’s suitable for diabetics, ketogenic diets, low-carb lifestyles, and even Paleo nutritional plans! KetoseSweet+ is made with allulose, stevia, and monk fruit, giving you the sweetness you crave—without blood sugar spikes, calories or carbs, which can reduce blood glucose levels and enhance fat metabolism.

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