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Marketplace is an online shopping experience where you can discover new and innovative specialty products from the comfort of home and have them shipped right to your door, direct from the seller.

Discover & Explore

Our team of merchandisers is vigilant in their search for the latest and greatest... and the most innovative, cause driven and passionate. We’re just like you. We like to learn about and explore new products and product categories. And we love discovering new businesses that are producing great products at a reasonable price. Most of all, we love sharing those products and brands and making them available to you in a way that’s fast, easy (and maybe a little bit fun).

Product Collections

At Marketplace, we curate products that you won’t typically find on your grocer’s shelves and then present them to you in a way that matches how you shop. Do you seek out organic products? We have a collection for that. Do you have specific dietary needs, like GMO free, non-dairy and gluten free? Well, we have collections for those too. Not only do we collect these for easy shopping, many of the items are produced by small production brands that aren’t easy to find in other places. At Marketplace you can discover something new and different while supporting small businesses across the country.

A Name You Can Trust

Albertsons Marketplace is brought to you by Albertson’s Companies, operating under 20 well-known banners, brands you’ve come to know and trust over the years. And for a limited time, as a Just for U member you can also enjoy many of the same benefits -- earn points every time you shop. Just use your Just for U credentials to sign in to Marketplace and you’ll see the rewards immediately when you make a purchase.

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